poniedziałek, 24 stycznia 2011

Wszystko już było? Cz. 2

Na rysunku:  reklama prasowa pudru Antiba, lata 30.

Everything was known? Part 2
On the picture: press ad of the Antiba powder, 30-ties.
[Before and today. Alchemist and the sorcerer or the witch have often produced preparations for beautifying the complexion using raw materials like minced bone of the bat, powdered insects and the like of ingredient. It isn't necessary to explain how many losses  that kind of preparations could cause. Today the chemist and the biologist equipped into newest apparatus and devices are overseeing the production of  Antiba powder which is produced in conditions of the 100% of hygiene of the best raw materials the newest knowledge showed which. Antiba powder is a closing word in cosmetology]

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