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Szampony w reklamie

Na rysunkach:

Reklama prasowa szamponu Elida (Schicht-Lever, po 1935)
Reklama prasowa szamponu dr Lustra „Miraculum” (1938)
Reklama sklepowa szamponu Pulsa (lata 30.)

On the pictures:

Press advert of Elida Shampoo (Schicht –Lever, after 1935) [What does make an ondulation permanent? Permanence of an odulation and beautiful hair shine are profits from proper care.  If you want be always happy from your hair looking, you have to choose a proper shampoo. Kamilloflor – alkali-free special shampoo, preserves natural light colour of fair hair and restores if after darkening. Brunetaflor - alkali-free special shampoo for dark hair, enhances its chestnut shade and adds a beautiful shine.]

Press advert of Dr. Luster’s “Miraculum” Shampoo (1938) [The secret of efficacy of Dr. Luster’s Miraculum shampoos is based on the neutralization – during shampooing – scalp and hair harmful secretions causing hair wasting away. Shampoos for fair and dark hair exist separately as well as chamomille shampoo for blonde hair lightening.]
Shop cardboard advertisement of Puls’ Shampoo (30-ties) (Puls’ Shampoo. Powdered or liquid.)

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  1. piękna ilustracja procesu spolszczania anglojęzycznego shampoo


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